We have some fun events  this year including a Pumpkin Carving Party, Sip N Shop,  High Hopes Marketplace,  Holiday Decorating, Trivia Night, Artisan Craft Fair, Mother's Day Essay Contest.  Some events are open to the public and others are for the club only.  New members are welcome anytime of the year.


Locations are TBD at this time but will be updated soon.

September 13 General Meeting.  Member home. 

September 27 New Member Social. 

Otter Cove Restaurant, Old Saybrook  7:00PM

October  18- General Meeting

November 15- General Meeting

December 13- General Meeting

January 17- General Meeting

February 7- General Meeting

March 21- General Meeting

April 25- General Meeting

May  TBD

​June 6- End of Year Dinner 


October 28 Pumpkin Carving Party

Club social only

November 14- Sip n Shop Dessert Night


Multiple vendors, food, beverage and of course some raffles!

$10 donation at the door

Everyone is welcome!

March- Trivia Night

Location TBD.

Open Event

April- Artican Craft Fair

​Please note, all events held by LOLJWC are subject to change if need be.  If something is cancelled, we will adjust our schedule online.