We are thrilled to see the completion of our biggest project this club has ever taken on!   Playgrounds!  We started off with adding some new equipment to the playground at Town Woods.  With that success we then took on a much larger project.  We have a  brand new, handicap accessible playground in Old Lyme at Cross Lane.  This playground replaced one that was their for over 20 years, also put in by the Lyme Old Lyme Junior Women's Club. The previous one was much smaller in size and was not handicap accessible.  Due to deterioration and age it needed to be removed.  So when we took on this project we knew we wanted something larger and something all kids, no matter what age or ability could use and enjoy.  This was a huge undertaking and with the help of our town and community members this would not have been accomplished. We thank all community members who volunteered their time and everyone who made donations to this great cause. 

From little toddlers to kids playing on it after baseball, this playground will be used for many years to come. 


Meghan Anderson  - Cher Bradley

Missy Garvin - Emily Griswold

Melanie Lee - Anna Reiter

Kristi Schroder - Christina Ward